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Who we are?

YUMA Engineering S.C. is a Mexican consulting company and a partner/reseller for computer-aided engineering software of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence division (before MSC Software) created with the aim of providing engineering solutions for the industry; offering not only the reliable analysis results, but also the customized solutions that each particular client envisions.

Simulations and Analysis in software

We provide customer problems solutions through simulations and analysis in leading CAE software in the main industries (metal-mechanics, automotive, aeronautics, manufacturing, among others), in order to validate and optimize engineering designs, seeking to complement and / or replace the traditional built and test design process, substantially decreasing development times and costs.

Consulting for the solution of technical problems

In addition, we offer consulting services for the solution of technical problems via numerical simulation. We provide the software license for Industry, Academics and for evaluation purposes as. We have experience in transferring technology to our customers by providing them with comprehensive and customized software training courses (see course table).


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Our service

Numerical Simulations

The first service offered by YUMA is the realization of numerical analysis using Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software.

Numerical Simulations

Consulting and Courses

Another service that YUMA offers is that of consultancies, aimed at both industry and national research centers.



YUMA is the authorized distributor of licenses for the legal use of the programs we use and promote. Schemes: test, educational and business.



Some of our products. If you don't found what you are looking for, contact us:

  • HxGN


Some of the projects we have done for the industry are shown below:
Note: Due to signed confidentiality agreements, it is not possible to provide further details

Welding analysis for complete rear axle

See details

Vibroacoustic analysis to instrument panel

See details

Cold forging analysis for rivets

See details

Halcón (Falcon) I and II

See details

Drones and RC

See details

Parachute Recovery Systems

See details


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